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        Gary Ferry, who played Chief Wachikanoka (the correct spelling, I'm told), Gary Ferry and his wife Trish was a fixture of Bay Area television, radio and theater in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. In addition to his time as Wachikanoka, Gary worked in advertising for MMM Carpets, and served as their television spokesman until the mid 1990s. Following the departure of the OS&W show, Gary (as "Ga3ry") hosted the "Movies 'Til Dawn" on Channel 36, which was sponsored by MMM Carpets.

        As if all that weren't enough, Gary also served on occasion as a ringside announcer for "Big Time Wrestling" matches at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, hosted a Saturday morning radio show on KSJO for a few months, and was very active in local theater productions, particularly with comedies and dramas at Villa Montalvo and melodramas at the recently closed Gaslighter Theater in Campbell.

        Gary retired from television and radio work, and lived in California with his wife Trish until his death from complications of lung cancer in October, 2009.

        Andy Moore, who played the Old Sourdough, is still, as pathetic as it may seem, playing Andy Moore's headshot, black and white the Old Sourdough, although he has changed the spelling to "Sourdoh" to avoid any lawsuits from Alaskan Restaurants and Hotels.

        Andy has been active in Old West Reenacting and is a judge in national reenactment competitions. He has done many movies and TV shows over the years since the Sourdough and Watchikanoka show went off the air. Most recently he appeared as a featured non-speaking character on HBO's Deadwood and had several stints as various unsavory characters (with lines) on The History Channel series Wild West Tech, hosted by the Carradine Brothers, Keith and David.

        Andy has recently moved from California to Arizona (where he grew up) and is back at it, groveling and schmoozing at auditions for work in film and TV. As you can see from the pictures below, he now looks just like the Old Sourdough without the need for hours of make-up!

(Yes, that's Andy's own self-deprecating sense of humor - ed.)

Andy Moore with Jeffrey Jones on the set of "Deadwood"

Andy with Robin Weigert on the set of "Deadwood"

Andy in a screen capture from "Deadwood"

Andy in full "dirty" makeup, on the set of "Deadwood"

Andy, in classic "Sourdoh" garb, on "Wild West Tech"

Andy sporting a snappy "Man in Black" look, also on the set of "Wild West Tech"